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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | October 14, 2019

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AB MAURI opens its doors to students

AB MAURI opens its doors to students

AB MAURI recently welcomed over 30 Bakery and Confectionery Technology students to its Centre of Excellence, for a behind-the-scenes visit.

The students from University College Birmingham (UCB) had a rare opportunity to learn first-hand, what happens at the Centre and benefit from listening to a number of industry experts.

Welcomed by Jim Hawkridge, NPD Director of AB MAURI UK & Ireland on 21 February, they were soon enjoying an in-depth bread theory session. Their day continued in the test bakery, with practical bread and confectionery sessions, along with a site tour.

Jason Vaghela, HR Director of AB MAURI UK & Ireland, gave an employer’s insight of what to expect when they start their career, alongside tips on which personal attributes to focus on. Over lunch, students engaged with numerous staff, learning directly about their industry experiences.

Post lunch, they learned the importance and role of certain ingredients, via a game of ‘Dynamic’, involving tasting and evaluating bakery products. The day concluded with a Q&A session. An R&D team, made up of Hannah Parry and Laura Underwood (both UCB Graduates), plus Hannah Conneely (National Bakery School Graduate), talked about the importance of their role and how students can aim for that type of job. The wider ACE management team and AB MAURI’s MD were also involved in Q&A session.

UCB Students were delighted with their day and one commented, “The baking industry is clearly starting to open the doors to students that will soon become its future.”

Chris Foxall, Bread Lecturer of University College Birmingham, said, “On a personal note, I was blown away by the visit by AB MAURI. It was brilliant for the students to hear about the roles they could fill in time and learn about many different product and ingredient attributes. A day like this doesn’t just happen without significant effort and I’d like to give my sincere thanks once again. I have no doubt that all of our students will remember this for many years to come.”

Andrew Pollard, Managing Director of AB MAURI UK & Ireland added, “We were delighted to welcome such a vibrant and competent group of students to ACE. Whether it’s working for, in conjunction with, or even in other ways related to AB MAURI, I have no doubt that we’re looking at key future baking industry stakeholders here. We wish them all the very best for the future.”