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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | September 22, 2019

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Buhler - Hall A6, Stand 371 & 471

Creating tomorrow together. 

With the collaboration of the Haas Group, a world leader in equipment for the production of waffles, biscuits and other baked goods, with Buhler, a world leader in grain processing equipment, a unique competence center for complete systems for the bakery industry has emerged. The partners present themselves for the first time as a unit at iba 2018.

With Haas and Bühler, two companies have come together that ideally fit together. The Haas Group produces equipment that produces industrial waffles of all kinds, butters of all shapes, biscuits, cakes and other sweet and savory baked goods. Bühler, for its part, produces grain processing for industrial bakery machinery and equipment for the entire prepress stage - from the controlled acceptance and careful storage of raw materials, to true-to-the-original dosing and mixing of dry and liquid ingredients, to the kneading of ready-to-bake doughs.

Together at the iba 2018

At the International Bakery Exhibition (iba) in Munich from 15th to 20th September 2018, Haas and Bühler are showing for the first time how they want to work together to shape the new world of baked goods. In Hall A6 at Booth 361/371, the partners present the entire common process chain using the example of the production of chocolate-coated biscuits.

In addition, some of the central machines in the process chain are issued 1: 1. The process presentation and exhibits are supplemented by the "Inno-Lab", where food technologists and chocolatiers produce various sweets and baked goods for tasting and are available to customers with ideas for new products.

Bühler: Provision

The joint presentation at iba 2018 shows Bühler and Haas as leading experts in their fields. Based on the knowledge and experience from the food industry, Bühler's Bakery & Ingredient Handling technologists have developed an overall process for the provision and transport of all ingredients for bakery products, from silos to kneaders.

The process is geared to the central needs of modern bakeries. While the flours are provided with the medium and small components in the dry section, the viscous ingredients for the admixture are prepared in the liquid section. The dry and liquid ingredients are finally mixed homogeneously and kneaded until the dough is ready to be fed to the downstream baking lines.

Haas: shaping and baking

The ready-to-cook dough is first shaped in the Haas part of the overall system, depending on the end product, and then baked in a special oven. After pre-cooling in the case of waffles, the individual wafer plates are coated with cream and then stacked.

The layered waffle plates are finally cut to the final size after cooling.
The Bühler Unit Confectionary will also attend the iba 2018. It is responsible for the process step in the production of chocolate biscuits with the plant section ChoCoat QuickChange Over, in which the cut biscuits are individually coated with a chocolate mass.

Individual machines

Whether wafers, biscuits, cakes, bars or other baked goods - Bühler and Haas have the right production solutions for all requirements, and have the requirements of the production of doughs, shaping and baking and final packaging. Bühler and Haas will present some special plant components as examples of the wide range on their joint iba stand.

For example, the fully automatic baking machine of the EWB-R series, which produces hollow chips in highest quantities in a very environmentally friendly way. Or the innovative, continuously operating ContiMix twin-screw extruder, which combines two crucial processes in the industrial production of bakery products by mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough.